CBC has supplied industrial blowers and commercial fans for many years. Our fans / blowers offering includes standard centrifugal fan and axial fan designs as well as custom special ventialtors and pressure blowers for industrial processes and OEM air systems. Our blowers and fans are used in ventialtion systems for up to 100" wg static pressure and flows up to1,000,000 cfm.

Sales of industrial fans & blowers, high pressure blowers, centrifugal fans, axial ventilators, roow and wall exhaust and supply fans, material handling blowers & radial fans, scroll cage fan ventilators, high temperature fans and blowers, New York Blower, Twin City Fan / Aerovent, Chicago Blower fans, Peerless Fans, Dayton Ventilators, Sheldons fans & blowers, Canarm Leader ventilators, IAP fans, Industrial Air.


Distributors of Industrial Centrifugal Air Blowers, Heavy Duty Tube Axial Fans and Man Coolers
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About Us

    Industrial Fan Co. is one of the highly acclaimed Industrial Centrifugal Air Blowers & Heavy Duty Tube Axial Fans distributors in North America. The company is driven by engineers with sound technical knowledge, and blend of vast experience in the field of Industrial Air Blowers.

    We take efforts in understanding the customer’s requirement and offer them the right air blower. All Centrifugal air blowers and  Tube axial fan the company offers are well designed, critically analyzed and tested for heavy duty operation. Special care is taken during design and manufacturing stages to increase efficiency and reliability of our fans and blowers. Our capability in offering superior technology at competitive price differs us from rest of the manufacturers of Industrial fans.

    Quality is achieved by proper inspection checks right from material purchasing to final testing of air blowers. Our entire range of centrifugal air blowers & tube axial fan confirms to major industrial standards and relevant test certificate are provided at the time of final inspection and testing of blowers and fans.

    Our focus is to develop and continuously upgrade technology for thereby creating efficient and reliable product which will satisfy our customers needs to the fullest.

    Over the years we have gained expertise in designof the centrifugal blowers and tube axial fan to suit the application and environment in which your blower will be working.

    Thank you for visiting our website. Offering you our best services at all times.

Production of air scrubber blowers, fume collector fans,  positive displacement blowers, Aeroven Blowers, Twin City, NYB fans, blowers & fans repair and rebuild, Lau fans, plug fans ventilators, sheldons fans blowers, cooling fans, FRP ventilators, industrial mancoolers, Cincinnati fans / blowers,  air polution control ventilators, blowers and fan exhaust systems, air make-up fans, air knife pressure blowers, high pressure blowoff fans, burner blowers, combustion process fans, conveyor blow-off fans, air canon fans, dust collector blowers, finishing systems fans, fan exhausters, fume exhaust ventilators, furnace fan blowers, incinerator fans. Backwardly Inclined Fans are designed for a wide range of applications from commercial building ventilation to industrial dust collection systems. Four classes of construction combined with three wheel designs provide the utmost in selection choice.
With pressures to 20" WG and volumes to 200,000 CFM, together with up to 85% efficiencies, the range of NIS-CO Backward Inclined Fans covers the most industrial ventilation systems needs and typical full-range OEM air-moving machinery designs. Three wheel designs (Airfoil, Backward Curved and Canada Blower FRP Pressure Blowers are rotatable and fabricated of polyester resin based FRP, while wheels are made of vinyl ester resin FRP to allow for more strength. 316 stainless steel, or Hastelloy C-276 alloy wheel and shaft assemblies are available. FRP ORB self-cleaning wheel design and FRP Pressure Blower wheel design are used depending on application. Standard shafts are made of C-1040 / 1045 steel covered with FRP sleeve. 316 stainless steel shafts are optional. Inlet/outlet flange drilling is according to ANSI 125 / 150 bolt pattern, or Voluntary Product Standard PS15-69. Neoprene gasketing with Teflon Shaft Seal, or Viton seal element in FRP casing is provided where low leakage is desired.

FRP Pressure Blowers are designed for highly corrosive application to handle acid vapors, and organic and inorganic chemical fumes that are highly corrosive to metal at temperatures up to 250 F. Applications include scrubber systems, odor control systems in wastewater treatment plants, laboratory exhaust systems, metal finishing and chemical-process industries. Fiber-reinforced-plastic pressure blowers are made from chemical grade polyester or vinyl ester resins and reinforced with glass or fiber. Additional surface veil is available depending on the application. Capacity range of FRP Pressure Blowers is from 0 to 8,000 CFM and static pressure range is up to 40” WG.

Standard Features of Air Blowers
  1. High Energy Efficiency
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Low Noise
  4. High Manufacturing Quality
  5. Precise Performance
  6. Excellent After Sales Service and Support

Typical Applications
  • ID & FD Fans to Boiler manufacturers
  • Centrifugal Blowers for Dust Collection Systems OEMs
  • Air Fans for Paint Shop Manufacturers
  • Tube axial Fans and Centrifugal Blowers for Smoke Exhaust & Industrial Ventilation
  • Centrifugal Air Ventilators for Kitchen Exhaust Applications
  • High Pressure Blowers for Combustion OEMs
  • Mancoolers for Industrial Applications