In the manufacturing process, waste dust such as sawdust or metal pieces are coveyed by pneumatic vacuum systems. Industrial vacuum air systems require a fan or high pressure blower that produces stable air flow to convey materials or force down dusts depending on the manufacturing process. CBC Blower makes several fans / blowers that perform at the high efficiency while meeting material handling requirements.

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Induced Draft Fan (ID Fan) & Forced Draft Fan (FD Fan)

   Industrial Fan Co. has vast experience in designing and manufacturing of ID and FD Fans. Our fans are  used by boiler manufacturers in their systems. We also supply to the end users and offer our consultancy in selection of appropriate ID Fans and FD Fans. Special care is taken in manufacturing of the impeller (rotating part). All the impellers are statically and dynamically balanced on the machine. Balancing and fan performance certificate is provided along with the blower.  Some of our Induced Draft Fan and Forced Draft Fans develop mechanical efficiency of as high as 90%.

Features of ID & FD Fans

  1. High Efficiency
  2. Long Impeller Life
  3. Simple Maintenance
  4. Low Noise
  5. Long Bearing Life
  6. Good After Sales Service


    Depending on the fan inlet air temperature the I.D. fan drive method is chosen. It can be either

  1. Direct Drive ID Fan – Suitable for air temperatures below 180 F.
  2. Direct Coupled ID Fan – Suitable for high temperature air.
  3. Belt Driven / Pulley Driven ID Fan – Suitable for high temperature air.


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Fiberglass Blowers are designed so that all parts exposed to the airstream are constructed of high-quality corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic. They are resistant to attack most chemicals and is ideally suited to applications in the chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater treatment, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and metal industries. These radial fiberglass blowers are developed for exhausting moderte volumes of highly corrosive fumes at high pressures - in laboratory fume hoods, mall plating and pickling operations, soil remediation, pulp & paper processes and chemical-fume scrubbers.
Fiberglass Blowers are intrinsically spark-resistant and can be furnished with explosion proof motors and graphite impregnation too. Two options of fire-retardant resins (Polyester and Vinylester) offer great chemical resistance to highly corrosive gases in pulp and paper processes, chemical-fume extraction, soil remediation, bio-technology, petrochemical industries.
Even in large fans, a sixteenth of an inch of material build up can reduce performance. Centrifugal fans will move some air even when running backwards. While some types would use so much horsepower they would trip circuit breakers, other design s could run for years without being detected. Fan components may be out of position due to routine cleaning or painting or the wheel could have shifted during shipment. For backward inclined fans, the relation of wheel to inlet cone is very critical. Even a quarter of an inch can have a major impact. The fan’s installation and maintenance literature shows the proper positioning of the wheel to the inlet cone.

Industrial processes and plant ventilation systems often need more air than originally designed. Increased production requirements, process changes, and facility renovations are a few of the major reasons. Additionally, the lack of adequate maintenance over time can negatively impact system airflows. This article discusses several procedures that can increase airflow. Often airflow can be increased by adhering to proper fan maintenance procedures as outlined in fan installation and maintenance literature.