Gas fumes are passed through air scrubber systems which filters impurities out of the contaminated air stream. Fans and pressure blowers are used on either the dirty side of the air stream to push the toxic air into the fume scrubber or they can be used to pull and exhaust the clean air from the high pressure gas scrubber system. CBC Blower offers both clean air ventilators and dirty air fans from special alloy materials and protective chemical coatings for extreme corrosion protection while performing at the high efficiency within the air scrubber blower.

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    Air blowers required in combustion application are generally high pressure blowers. These high pressure blowers are required for supply of combustion air (combustion blowers) and heated combustion air exhaust through the furnace.  Depending upon the inlet air temperature Combustion Blower could be:

  • Direct Mounted Blower (impeller directly mounted on the motor shaft)
  • Indirectly Mounted Blower (impeller indirectly connected with motor shaft via belt drive)

    High pressure blowers with inlet air temperature below 180 deg. F and direct mounting are compact in construction and run with high speed motors. These blowers are mostly used for supplying fresh air to furnace for combustion purposes. 

    Furnace blowers with inlet temperature above 180 deg. F are indirect belt drive blowers. Air blowers for Furnace / Combustion applicatiosn with inlet air temperature above 800 deg. F are manufactured from Stainless Steel materials.

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For a long time the efficient ventilation of remote rooms in the large houses could be done only with two independent air supply sources (like a furnace). Ventilating ductwork in contemporary large houses becomes so long and elaborated that even a high pressure furnace fan couldn't generate enough static pressure to blow through the whole length of such a duct. The existing low pressure booster duct fans, even though compact enough to be installed in-line in the house ventilation ductwork, still do not provide enough booster pressure / airflow. The usual solution to this problem was installation of two independent furnaces with different air ducts, which is rather expensive option.