CBC Blower is a distributor of standard and custom heavy duty fans and blowers for thermal oxidizer systems. Our fans are used for supplying the dirty air into the system, circulating the airflow, and exhaust the clean air from the thermal oxidizers. CBC Blower manufactures oven / furnace blowers, fans and ventialtors that can either push or pull air through cooling ventilation systems.


Distributors of Industrial Centrifugal Air Blowers, Heavy Duty Tube Axial Fans and Man Coolers
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Dust CollectionFans and Blowers

    In dust collection systems, blower collects dust from generating point and carries it via ducting to Dust Collector. The Dust Collector may be of Filter Bag Type / Cyclone Type. The dust particles are trapped and collected in bin of dust collector and dust free clean air is exhausted to the atmosphere. Dust collected by fans is mainly in powder or tiny particle form of low bulk density materials. 

Following data is considered in blower belection for dust collection application:

  1. Quantity of dust to be removed.
  2. Dust particles sizes.
  3. Density of dust particles.
  4. Type of dust collector and its static pressure.
  5. Piping layout and sizes.
  6. Compatibility of dust with blower material.

    Based on the chemical reactivity of dust particles, fans and blowers for chemical dust and scrubber applications can be made of following materials:

  1. Carbon Steel Blowers with epoxy finish.
  2. PP Blowers (Polypropylene Blowers)
  3. FRP Blowers and Fans.
  4. SST Blowers (Stainless Steel Blowers made from SST 304 / SST 316)


    Dust Collection Blowers can be used either before or after the dust collector. It is recommended to conned the blower at the outlet (clean side) of dust collector. This way impeller (moving part of the blower) does not come is contact with the dust particles, thus reducing blower wear, maintenance and chances of dust leakage.   .

Industrial ventilators and fans, process pressure blowers, regenerative pressure blowers; industrial; process and commercial heating; ventilating and air-conditioning equipment. Engineering of industrial high pressure blowers and ventilating fans.
Quick delivery of portable ventilation blowers, ventilating fans, industrial centrifugal exhaust fans, heavy duty exhaust ventilators, duct fan blowers, high pressure pressure blowers, restaurant kitchen exhaust fans UL762 / UL705, squirrel cage ventilators, garage exhaust fans, dust collection fans, shop exhaust ventilators, blow off pressure blowers, fune exhaust fans, ventilator blades, oven ventilators.
A fully re-designed high pressure MVA series mixed flow in-line fans finally resolves the problem of pushing air through high resistance and long ventilation ducts. Mixed Flow fans are an excellent choice for return air, supply, or general ventilation applications where low sound is critical. As compared to similarly sized tubular centrifugals and vane axials, a mixed flow fan will be 5-20 dB quieter! In addition, the mixed flow wheel is extremely efficient and will cut down on operating expenses. Unique features of the MVA Mixed Flow Fans include:

- Universal Mounting System that allows the unit to be field rotated at the job site
- Compact design with standard slip-fit duct connections for ease of installation
- UL/CSA listing for electrical is available
- Continuously welded housing with a standard powder paint finish suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
- A complete three plane vibration test of all assembled fans prior to shipment