CBC Blower offers pre-engineered and custom heavy duty fans and special pressure blowers that move contaminated air to applications like oxidizers, scrubbers, and bio filters. Our fans and blowers are constructed with special alloys and shaft seals to withstand any corrosive fumes as well as prevent gas leakage. CBC spark resistant fans and FRP fan blowers will work with air exhaust ventialtion systems to collect the oil mist as well as prevent it from flowing into the plant. We can specifically design our fans to meet the requirements of collecting oil mist emission gas systems.

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Distributors of Industrial Centrifugal Air Blowers, Heavy Duty Tube Axial Fans and Man Coolers
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    Heavy Duty Tube Axial Flow Fans & Man Coolers

    Industrial Tube axial flow fans are used where high volume of air is delivered at relatively low pressure. Tube axial fan provides high efficiency as the tube casing guides air smoothly through the rotating blades. These heavy duty axial flow fans can be installed in following ways:

  1. Flange Mounted - Axial Fan can be bolted on outlet / inlet flange of the duct.
  2. Pedestal Mounted (Man Coolers) - frequently refered as Mancoolers these axial fans are provided with stand.  Man Coolers are located directly on the factory floor. Our mancoolers are available with tilting positioning of the fan at different angles.

       Typical Industiral Applications of Tube Axial Fans

  1. Air circulation fans for HVAC applications.
  2. Industrial Air Ventilation fans.
  3. Kitchen Exhaust Fans in Hotels and Restaurents.
  4. Smoke Exhaust Fans in factories.
  5. Man Coolers for Industrial Cooling Purposes
  6. Man Coolers for Comfort Air Condition in Industrial and Comercial Facilities.

       Features of Tube Axial Fans

  1. Light Weight aluminium impellers provide maximum efficeincy, corrosion resistance and increased motor life.
  2. Accurate dynamic balancing providing smooth operation of Axial Fan eliminating vibration.
  3. Aerodyanamic design for maximum air flow and high efficiency.
  4. Heavy-duty industrial construction for harsh operating conditions.
  5. Standard Tube Axial Fans and Mancoolers are stocked for immediate delivery.
  6. Powder coated Tubeaxial Casing ensures excellent asthetics.
  7. We offer good quality Tube Axial Fans at competetive prices.

        Along with our standard heavy duty tube axial fans, we also manufacture axial fans for special application such as at high temperature and with Stainless Steel / Fiberglass Construction.


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Air conditioning can often become too large of an expense for industrial areas, but the good news is that an industrial fan can bring some much needed relief in this case.
Canada Blower Company is a Distributor of commerical and industrial ventilators. Canada Blower fans are well known for the high quality and reliability.

The CWB / CWD Centrifugal Power Wall Ventilators are quiet, dependable roof exhaust fans for general exhaust applications where low to medium range of air volume and pressure are specified. Applications include virtually all types of light manufacturing and commercial buildings such as shopping centers, hospitals, schools, hotels, warehouses, airports, bus terminals and many others. CWB Fans are specified where a wall mounted location is desired to eleminate interferance with other equipment and activities in the building. CWB / CWD fans can be used with or without ducts.

The advantages of CWB belt driven ventilator over a direct drive CWD exhaust ventilator include quieter operation, adjustable performance to suit operating needs and extended service life using the C-Drive sealed permanently lubricated bearings arrangement with L-10 bearings life in excess of 1,000,000 hours.

CRBA Ventilators feature a housing of durable spun aluminum for optimum weather protection. The overlaping deep-spun venturi minimizes air turbulence and increases efficiency. Neoprene vibration isolators to reduce noise and wear, and propylene birdscreen are all standard.

AB Blower Co. has been developing gas-tight and zero leakage fans and blowers for containment of hazardous organic and inorganic compounds in industrial process plants and other critical applications. Special construction and shaft sealing devices are available for blower service requiring zero or minimal gas leakage into and out of casing.

AB Blower a lot of experince with gas-tight and zero-leakage construction on fans and blowers, including: multistage lip shaft seals; Buna-N, Viton and Teflon seals; mechanical shaft seals; special fan housing gasketings; single and double carbon ring seals; hermetically sealed blowers; magnetofluidic and ferrofluidic seals; and packed stuffing boxes with barrier liquids and purgeable seals.